Jan 10, Posts: Again its a real solution rather than a hack. I know this isn’t a direct answer to your question, but when presented with this problem I normally use one of two solutions: You will however still be able to adjust several port settings in your operating systems device manager, such as baud rate, data bits and in some cases timing. We’re in a recreational park with no commercial and no residential, no one is in the mood to give a rats ass about the line condition as we’re the ONLY one on the loop and I don’t have AP’s throughout the entire campus anyhow.

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Basically a PITA to remove and put back in. The serial PCI cards we are selling are compatible with both 3.

Finally resorted to using the physical COM port on the motherboard and voila, no issues. Tue May 03, 6: The only time I had a problem with was when I absentmindedly unplugged the adapter while screen was still active with it. The “recessed” connector doesn’t really come into play unless you have cables with gigantic shells.

SUNIX – USB to I/O Adapter

Does anyone that uses RS often have any good suggestions? The software requires that they talk atso I have a feeling that is part of the issue all of my other stuff talks fine at This is based on whether the chip has a unique serial number or not. I’m not sure why, but I had it in my head that my console cable DB9 was a bit odd, like it had an extra shroud or something on it, thus making it not mate properly with the Keyspan.


Thu May 05, 7: Wed May 04, 6: Nov 26, Posts: Wed May 04, 7: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. You can read much more about PCI cards at Wikipedia.

I must be thinking of a different cable. When shopping for a PCI serial card be aware that the socket will match your computer. Quatech make anything these days? Sun May 08, 1: Once the drivers for the serial card has been successfully installed a COM port will show up in your operating system’s Device Manager where you can configure several msochip settings, if your serial PCI card has good drivers.

ASIX MCS – USB to Quad Serial Controller

Sep 16, Posts: The product has been added to the shopping cart. For alternative serial port cards please see our full selection of serial RS port cards. Thu May 05, 2: I don’t get to play with a lot of networking gear that has serial on it, so maybe that’s my confusion. I have the Keyspan mschip well. The driver’s up on Windows Update, so it’s just plug in, get driver, and go.


Some cards with poorly written drivers cannot be configured. Los Angeles, CA Registered: FTDI chipset is the one you need if memory serves.


Since they dont make that anymore, he’s scared he’ll eventually kill it. Unless you invest in a PCI serial card with a quality processor and chipset you will very likely, at some point, experience either a computer freeze, driver errors, being unable to communicate with your serial device or even a BSoD.

Mosxhip quick look at the gear that I use, everything has female DB9’s on it.

Nov 14, Posts: